Hannah Zwaans is a choreographer, performer, educator and student of continental philosophy. Her work manifests around fundamental questions about what it means to be human.

Movement allows her to better understand herself and the world around her. Precisely because words fall short in this understanding. She is deeply fascinated by this process. Fueled by a natural urge and from a great fascination with rituals, she tries to uncover existential human aspects through movement. And with that, she finds and reveals what makes a person feel connected to the world. This results in a hypersensitive, uninhibited and intense movement language. Transcending Bodies is the covering name for this artistic dance practice.

Transcending Bodies wants to give hidden but fundamental relationships a platform. Relationships in all dimensions; from humanitarian to cosmic. It aims to trigger valuable developments in our spiritual existence.








My idea of



The dancer opens her gaze into the body
and sends this reception into the world.

These expressions are embodied by a new language.

This language can be heard by one's own words,
seen with one's own eyes,
felt with one's own soul
and recognized by one's own memories and thoughts.


The dancer participates in the story of the spectator.
The spectator participates in that of the dancer.


Dance is giving forms to feelings.
Dance brings spheres in spaces.
In dance our stories become shared stories.