Memories of Nothingness

Durational installation by Transcending Bodies


In this universe there is a continuous circle of life. Life continues to exist. If there is no life, there will be nothing. Life is everything, as it encompasses everything that exists. At the same time, life is nothingness. It is nothing more than existing, even after death. It is what it is.
Memories of Nothingness reminds us of life as it is. It welcomes you into the womb of existence, in which there is no course of events. It invites your mind to break with chronological expectations in movement. It invites you to just be for a moment. 


Sound by Mathilde Nobel
Costumes by House of Rubber

Untethered souls 

There is a desire for connection in everything that lives. And we are determined to listen to this, whether it whispers or screams. In Unbound Souls, the performers unfold a ritual in which they attempt to capture this longing.

An error occured

An Error Occured is a performance that expresses the dichotomy of existence: the deep desire to be understood on the one hand, and against this the inability to truly understand each other. The vulnerability of man in what he cannot do is magnified in a duet between movement and sound, where the audience forms the literal barricade between the two players.







In collaboration with Draaimolen Festival, Caterina Barbieri, Bendik Giske, Lyra Pramuk, Nkisi & Marcel Weber.


Our spirits are searching. For reasons to exist. Movement serves as our acces point to bring these mystical reasons to light.
In a supernatural atmoshpere, the dancers unfold a ritual in which movement seems as deeply rooted as breathing. Hypnotized and stimulated by sounds, the environment and the audience, the dancers transcend reality as they gradually enter altered states of consciousness. In this choreographic debut at Draaimolen Festival, the scope of our spiritual humanity is questioned.


Photo by Stefanie Kulisch




Mutual Beings


In the midst of an us I am also a me. This piece embodies the tension between our collective versus our individual 'being'. The piece is danced by students of Fontys Academy for Dance Education.

Parpar - Clou Dance Company 2020


Parpar is Hebrew for butterfly. The butterfly is our metaphor for freedom. Feeling free within yourself is a precious experience which asks for vulnerability, autonomy and trust. This piece guides its audience through such an experience wherein conflict, dubiousness, thrill and love will be felt. It will seduce its audience to association.


In het donker zijn alle katten grijs - Hannah Zwaans 2019


Ecstasy (from ancient Greek ἔκστασις ékstasis, meaning 'outside of oneself') is a subjective experience of total involvement of the subject, with an object of their awareness. "


In a moment of ecstasy. No focus, one goal: no thoughts, only bodily sensations. I surrender and immerse myself in this moment. I fall to the ground, but I am immediately helped back up. In the moshpit I feel alive. ”

In this raw and pure performance, an ecstatic world is explored in which the performer tries to connect with the audience. What is hidden in this wild expression of her passions?

Aan alle moeders - Hannah & Lida Zwaans 2019




She is a good reader, the best I know. She reads me like a children's book: so easily, so transparent. Even if I don't want to, she reads me in one go. I know her book too. Every word, every letter. The blank pages are full, but not with words about her. What space is left for you, mama?




*Award: this piece won Café Theater Festival's audience award

Ehm - Hannah Zwaans & Nele Vandeneede 2018


The inspiration for the playful Ehm derives from four artworks of museum De Pont in Tilburg. This educational dance performance is developed in collaboration with Kunstpodium Dongen and Nele Vandeneede.

Two dancers aim to make contact with the audience in different ways, by themes such as self-portrait, identity and optical illusion as the guiding principles. The performance aligns with individual self-consciousness, it strikes and it invites the audience to make alienated interpretations.


*Award: this piece won the Entreeprijs at Theater Festival Boulevard

*This project is developed in collaboration with fine arts Museum de Pont and initiated by Nele Vandeneede

The Darling Collection - Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten 2017


For a study project, a group of Tilburg FHK students went to the South African village of Darling for art, community and talent development.

Each maker received five different objects and stories from several inhabitants in the village to make an art-piece inspired by their stories. At the Darling Festival, which took place on the cross-boarder of the divided Darling, the stories were presented.


The aftermath of apartheid can still be felt in Darling. This project aims to allow a divided people to meet and recognize each other through art.



Ik in wij, jij - Hannah Zwaans 2017


A dance performance about the enthralling experience of an individuals own chaotic and internal world, and the question of how to communicate with others when being in this world.