With a strong educational background, Hannah operates at the intersection of dance education, creation and research. The overarching need is to unfold through the body what it means to be human. The knowledge gained from the body serves as acces point for dialogue on human experience, on individual and societal topics. Classes with Hannah are incisive and highly enjoyable. She believes one learns best in a safe and suiting environment, in which we move before we think and think before we judge ourselves.


2018 – 2022 NL

Dance, Pedagogics, Community Art teacher  • ParttimeFontys Bachelor in Dance Education.
I entered the institute by teaching contemporary acrobatics and improvisation regularly. In my last two years I also taught dance pedagogics & methodology to 2nd year Bachelor students. I started and led a dance community-project in which my students taught people below the poverty threshold.


2018 -2022 NL

Curriculum developer – Developing the bachelor Dance in Education curriculum for Fontys school for Fine and Performing Arts.

Interdisciplinary project leader – developing designing and teaching interdisciplinary art processes at Fontys School for Fine and Performing Arts.


2018 - 2022 NL
Dance tutor • Freelance  • Dansstudio van der Stappen, Nieuwe Veste, a.o.
Teaching ballet, modern, contemporary, acrodance, streetdance to kids, teenagers, adolescents and adults. Choreographing selected dance groups for amateur performances. This is a link to one choreography.


2017 – 2022 NL

Performer/ teacher • Community art • Dansnest Breda
I gave workshop to refugees, and later created performances in collaboration with some naturally talented performers.


2017 – 2022 NL

Teacher inclusive dance • Community art • Misiconi Dance Company and high schools for disabled students


2018 – 2021 NL

Performer/ teacher • Freelance  • Vooropleiding Hedendaagse Dans
Taught acrobatics and modern dance to students in a fulltime dance program to prepare them for Dance Academies. This is a link to one of my choreographies.


2019 NL

Community artist • Project • Time of your life
I taught elderly in their community houses to combat their feelings of loneliness. Together with a team of musicians and fine-artists we created a performance and exhibition.


2017 – Present

Dance teacher • Freelance • Diverse
The above is only a selection of my experiences. Besides regular dance classes, I have taught retired dance teachers, retired dancers, given workshops in creative thinking, interdisciplinary art making, taught art history at a high school, and taught teenagers social skills through movement classes.


2017 South-Africa
Community artist • Freelance • The Darling Collection

I participated in this community art project in Darling, South-Africa, with the goal of combating the aftermath of Apartheid by organising a festival in which 8 different artists tell 40 different stories of/with the inhabitants of the village.