Ehm - Hannah Zwaans & Nele Vandeneede 2018


The inspiration for the playful Ehm derives from four artworks of museum De Pont in Tilburg. This educational dance performance is developed in collaboration with Kunstpodium Dongen and Nele Vandeneede. Students of primary schools in Dongen visited the museum and after experienced the performance. A week later we visited the schools and gave workshops in which their experiences could be processed verbally and in movement.

Two dancers aim to make contact with the audience in different ways, by themes such as self-portrait, identity and optical illusion as the guiding principles. The performance aligns with individual self-consciousness, it strikes and it invites the audience to make alienated interpretations.


Performed by Margot Kerstens 

*Award: this piece won the Entreeprijs at Theater Festival Boulevard

*This project is developed in collaboration with fine arts Museum de Pont and initiated by Nele Vandeneede